Get in touch today by submitting a call back form and have a brief discussion with one of our friendly consultants.



We can visit you at your home or place of work to obtain copies of outstanding invoices and all other details or simply email everthing requested.



Leave it in our hands and focus on what you do best. Regular updates or reports will sent or simply give us a call.



We collect or obtain reasons on owed payments on your behalf though phone calls,emails,letters,various methods until  you have results.


we chase and request your unpaid invoices for you at no cost

All tradesmen and construction firms who give credit to their customers on 30days or more terms must have good debt collection and control systems in place. Most of them either do not have the effective training to do this themselves, or more importantly, their time is better spent providing services and landing their next big order. Here at Claycot & Co we offer a bespoke credit control and invoicing service that only charges after result of collection meaning:


- No expensive equipment to buy or office overheads to pay. 

- No staff costs including holiday/sick pay, PAYE, tax or National Insurance.

- No legal responsibilities (tribunals, redundancy etc). 

- No recruitment or training costs.


- No cost before full collection of your outstanding invoice payment.


With all of that in mind why not contact us today it won’t cost you a penny.

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